Hi! My name is Gage Peterson. I'm a software developer at Podium.

This is my personal website. It's more of a garden then a blog. This means that instead of constantly posting new things I'll do my best to update the old things to keep them up to date. Rather than throwing out the old and bringing in the new I hope to bring all the peices of content so they are accurate and current. Sadly the current software I'm using isn't perfect at this. I hope that I'll be able to implement my own static site generator that would help to see what content is new and updated more easily while still persisting the old versions. Git works well obviously but is not quite as user friendly to look through as I would like it to be.

However I will probably have a blog in the future for content that's more timely and doesn't make sense to persist in long term matinance.

If you find any issues with this site please make a pull request. If you do end up changing the markdown files in the pages folder then make sure to run make before you submit it so that the pages will be rerendered.